Survey and mapping 

Reducing your costs and increasing your productivity are the goals of the solutions proposed by i3map. Combining ease of use, reliability and uncompromising performance, our solutions will accompany you in all situations.

In particular the Geomax XPAD Field field software, whose accessibility and functional richness will satisfy both specialists and occasional users...

GNSS Receivers

GNSS RTK receivers have become the indispensable tools of topographers. The simplicity and speed of implementation offered by VRS RTK subscriptions offer many advantages in daily surveys. For territories that are poorly covered or not covered by mobile data networks, solutions based on mobile reference stations and diffusion of differential GNSS corrections by UHF radio link remain topical.

The most recent technologies, such as the Tilt & Go function of the Geomax Zenith35 TAG GNSS receiver allowing measurements with an inclined rod, make it possible to further extend the limits of use of the GNSS technology.

Total Stations

Whether for higher accuracy or for extending the scope of use of GNSS receivers to heavily obstructed environments, total stations remain the preferred instrument for topographic measurements.

From the simplest mechanical model to the robotic solution for maximum productivity, our portfolio of solutions will satisfy your needs.

Pipes and cable locators

The current regulations concerning work carried out in the vicinity of the transport and distribution networks require knowledge of the position of the structures with a high accuray. The use of cable and pipe locators is therefore essential for mapping existing utilities, either by an electromagnetic method or by a ground penetrating radar (GPR).

i3map offers solutions for intelligently coupling these snesors to GNSS RTK receivers so that utilities can be mapped with the greatest efficiency and exported in main CAD and GIS formats.